Saturday, 21 January 2012

Session 1 (Jan 20th) recap + Woodwork info


We had the first session of Country and Western term on Friday

Friday 20th January 2012:

3.30-4pm: Circle time / Stretches / Voice exercises + Singing - first new song: 

Rhinestone Cowboy (Glen Campbell) with Shaan Libby
The children learnt and discussed the words and tune for Rhinestone Cowboy. They were all uniformly positive
about the future of the cowboy. We all agreed that with a bit of confidence and a dash of luck, anyone could achieve their dreams.

4pm-4.30pm: Theatre (SL)

Julia Donaldson plays - the children divided into three groups and began on 3 short plays.
They will continue with these next class.

4.30pm-4.45pm Snack (brownie + milk for those who wanted it)

4.45pm - 5.20pm: Poetry with Tehzeeb Katari

'Crocodile' by Gareth Owen
'Oh, Ozzie!' by Richard Edwards
'The Louse and the Mosquito' by Vikram Seth


The children did some limbering up dances, and a few basic steps for Line dancing to 'Cotton Eyed Joe' with Prarthana and Manikandan

Next week we start on woodwork. Only children aged 8 and above will do this unless we get special requests 
from parents to include a younger child in woodwork. A basic tray will be the initial product. They will progress from there. 

Ravi Katari will be supervising with one handyman there as well. The pieces of wood will be precut, and no saws will be handled by the children at this stage. Small hammers and nails will be used by the children, and some sandpaper.

We will be very careful with the children, but please be aware that mistakes can happen and we will accept no liability for the same.

We will have the gloves and tools here. There is no need to bring anything - only clear goggles if they have a pair. If you would rather your child did not do woodwork do let me know - it is not a problem, they can do craft or painting instead for those 40 minutes. This is what all the others will be doing.

To reiterate, the songs taught this term and the dances are all be themed. 
The poetry and plays will not necessarily be themed.

Do bring/send the children by 3.30pm on Fridays, and fetch them at 6pm. You know the address.

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