Monday, 17 September 2012

Christmas 2012 - Zeebees (4 to 7-year-olds)



Here is our plan this term...also you can refer to this particular page of the blog at any time to see what the schedule is for the day in question.

Theatre: This group will be doing a Nativity play directed by Shaan Libby.

Poetry: Christmas poems with Tehzeeb Katari.

Dance: Boney M's Mary's Boy Child, and Rocking around the Christmas Tree with Manikandan and Prarthana.
Also choreography to a Christmas medley.

Singing: Carols which will be interspersed throughout the play.

Art: Christmas craft with Philip

We meet every Wednesday from 4pm till 6pm.
End of year show date: Sunday 16th December 2012 at Freemasons Hall. Please be in town!

As always all proceeds of the show go to charity. We are raising for Parikrma this term. ( - they are doing some amazing work building schools for the underprivileged and educating them in English.

Those wishing to sponsor the rental of the theatre, sound, lights, costumes, sets, - please let us know. The approximate costs are 5,000 for sound, 5k for lights, 5k for photography/videography, not sure how much for costumes. We already have a sponsor for the venue. 

This would help enormously, so that ticket prices can be kept low and more can go straight to the charity. You can deal directly with the vendors or go through us - whatever is your preference. Your company name will of course be displayed, you are free to put up a banner as a sponsor, and you will be thanked in the programme.

Session 11: Wed 5 Dec 2012
4pm: Poetry
4.30pm:Play rehearsal
5.15pm: Play rehearsal and Carols runthrough
6pm: Home

Session 10: Wed 28 Nov 2012
4pm: Poetry
4.30pm:Play rehearsal

Session 9: Wednesday 21st November 2012
4pm: Play rehearsal / poems
5.15pm: Dance 
6pm: Home

Session 8: Thu 15th November 2012
4pm: Poetry
5.15pm: Singing and play rehearsal
6pm Home

Session 7: Wed 7th November 2012
4pm: Poetry
5pm: Snack
5.15pm: Theatre

Session 6: Saturday 3rd November 2012 - PLEASE COME IN HALLOWEEN ATTIRE IF POSSIBLE

10.30am - 12.30pm

10.30am: Poetry with Tehzeeb Katari
11am: Singing with Shaan Libby
11.30am: Craft with Philip
12.15pm: Trick or treating in the building
12.30pm: Home

Session 5: Wednesday 17th October 2012:

4.30pm: Christmas craft with Philip 

6.10pm:  Poetry / Mini play from group of 3

6.30pm: Home

Session 4: Wednesday 10th October 2012:

4.30pm: Christmas craft with Philip 

Colouring for those not on the stage at that time...

6.30pm: Home

Session 3: Wednesday 3rd October 2012:

4.30pm: Voice and Carols: Little Donkey, Jingle Bells, Santa Claus is coming to town, Mary's Boy Child.

Colouring for those not on the stage at that time...

6.30pm: Home.

Session 2: Wednesday 26th September 2012:

4.30pm: Circle, Singing: learning the words to Little Donkey, Jingle Bells, and revising Santa Claus is coming to town and Mary's Boy Child.

Discussion of why recycling is good

Why plastic bags and thermacole are bad for the earth and those who live on it, and
why paper is much better - meaning of biodegradable
Discussion of Go Green's initiative on Marina beach.

6.30pm: Home.

Session 1: Wednesday 19 September 2012:

4.30pm: Circle, voice exercises, learning the words to Santa Claus is coming to town and Mary's Boy Child.

5pm: Snack

5.10pm: Poetry with Tehzeeb Katari

5.30pm: Dance with Manikandan and Prarthana (Steps to Mary's Boy Child + some free dancing)

6.15pm: Colouring of pictures of Lord Ganesh - discussion of what he stands for - since it is Vinayaka Chathurti.

6.30pm: Home.

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