Friday, 16 August 2013

Original batch (8-12s) will be this Monday 3-5pm


To make up for today, the class will be on Monday from 3-5pm. If your child has school and has to get here slightly earlier or slightly later - that is fine - but please do send him/her.

We will be doing: Play rehearsals, poetry, and singing.
We are now working towards the end of year show.

Fees are due for next term. Fees must be paid by Friday 30th August at the latest - please scroll down to see further details.

After this date we will take in new chidren and cap the numbers as usual.

Does your child want to be bumped up into the teen group? They are doing a Shakespeare play and debate. Do let me know...we have only 6 in that batch and need a few more! Anyone aged 12+ is fine.

Take care,


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