Thursday, 12 September 2013

Start of term date + A to Zee Creativity turns three!


Dear All,
I hope this finds everyone well, and all set for an exciting new term at A to Zee Creativity?
Please note: We have deferred our opening to Friday September 20th 2013 - the reason is that Sishya is now closed until the middle of next week, and the heavy rains have resulted in leakage in the room where we conduct classes.
Here’s what we have planned for the term ahead (Term dates: 20 September – 20 December 2013).
End of year December show (some extra rehearsals will be needed – please bear with us):
We will be performing the following:
·         Noddy plays – Zeebees
·         Harry Potter 3 – Original Group plus interested Teens
·         Madeline - Original Group plus interested Teens
·         Poems, songs, and dance numbers will be interspersed
·         As You Like It by William Shakespeare (an Adaptation and a reading) – Teen batch
·         Just a Minute for your entertainment – Teen batch
A to Zee turns three! Our actual ‘birthday’ was 10th September 2010…we started with ten children. We will be honouring the following from the Original batch in December on stage: Dhruv, Mahima, Riyah, Muskan, Samar, Adam and Zai. In addition those who have completed the first year, second year, and so on of A to Zee will receive certificates.
A to Zee Newsletter! The seven Original children get to form the first Editorial Board of the new A to Zee Newsletter!  Main themes: All things creative and environmental! All articles will be by the children of A to Zee Creativity and their parents.
The Editorial board will have to use email, source articles from other A to Zee batches and their own, along with photos. They will get assistance from us with editing, suggested reporting styles, and best use of photographs, but they will need to be responsible for publishing these and sending them out.
We will arrange for them to visit a printer/publisher to learn how this is done. We will start with an E-Newsletter to begin with – one per term I thought – but they can decide if they want to churn them out quicker.
They may want to co-opt a couple of children from the other batches to source articles from there…any volunteers?
 Other students will of course get onto the editorial board in future terms…we will have a fixed length of time, so that it goes in rotation. For now we need a name for the Newsletter…prize for the one who comes up with our final choice!

Looking ahead:
April 2014 show:
·         Alice in Wonderland (whole cast of Originals) – Lewis Carroll poems, the mock turtle dance, the works!
·         Pixar term for the Zeebees next term – they will act out CARS, do rock painting and Cars-based art and craft, Do poems about nature and vehicles, and dance to the amazing soundtrack…we will possibly do Finding Nemo the term after.
·         Teens: The Merchant of Venice – Shylock scenes and possibly others.
·         A debate requiring an audience vote!

Warm regards,

(97909 08604)

Ms.Maithili Shaan Katari Libby
+91 97909 08604 (SMS works best)

Shaan Libby & Associates 
Barrister, BA(Oxf), MA(Oxf), Biology and Law, Arbitrator - we undertake Domestic and International company matters, drafting of wills, representations at arbitrations, filing of patents & trademarks.
Skype name: Shaanlibby

Theatre, the Arts, Woodwork, Parliamentary-style debate. Trinity College London exams (optional)
Batches:  Original  (8-12s) Fri 4-6.30pm;  Zeebees (4-7 s) Sat 4.30-6.30pm; Teens (13-17 yrs) Sun 10am-12noon. 
Communication Skills: Mon 6-7.30pm or Fri 2.30-4pm Pure Drama: Mon 4.30-6pm (ages 8 and above)

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