Sunday, 1 December 2013

Final push!

Hi there,

Final week - please make an effort to send many of you know we only do these daily rehearsals in December. The rest of the year is a relaxed once a week session.  

There are two school shows this week:

Tuesday 10th December - 8am: Noddy show at Sishya (Auditorium)

Friday 13th December - 8am: As You Like It play reading at Sishya (Auditorium? 10th standard classrooms? - tbc)

To make life simple for all,  we have fixed on one timing for the week.

Mon, Tue, Wed:

3-4.30pm: Zeebees

4.45 - 6.30pm: Harry Potter + Poems / choir practice

6-9pm: As You Like It


Full tech rehearsal of the show at TN Rajaratnam Auditorium, Adyar Bridge. Parent/maid requested to stay and take the child safely home when asked to.

4.00pm: Zeebees on stage
4.30pm: Harry Potter children on stage
5.30pm: As You Like It cast on stage

7-9pm: As You Like It practice back at Varuna 

Friday 13th December: 

8am: As You Like It - whole play at Sishya

3.00pm: Harry Potter children to arrive at TN Rajaratnam Auditorium (one proper runthrough on stage before getting dressed)
4.00pm: Noddy children to arrive ((one proper runthrough on stage before getting dressed)
5.00pm: Teens to take charge of Noddy children
              HP children to their duties

5.30pm: Noddy show followed by poems and Harry Potter 
7pm: Intermission
7.15pm: 'As You Like It' play followed by Choir - Simon & Garfunkel songs and Carols...
8.30pm - Close

Saturday 14th December - 24 December
 Carol singing etc. at Guild of Service - exact dates and times tbc...

Communication Classes - will schedule a few in the mornings to make up for the few we missed.

Best regards,


Ms.Maithili Shaan Katari Libby
+91 97909 08604 (SMS works best)

Shaan Libby & Associates 
Barrister, BA(Oxf), MA(Oxf), Biology and Law, Arbitrator 
Skype name: Shaanlibby

Theatre, the Arts, Woodwork, Parliamentary-style debate. Trinity College London exams (optional)

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