Thursday, 8 December 2011

Confirmed kids for Country & Western term...

Next term will begin mid-Jan 2012 for approx 3 months.

The theme is Country and Western, so Country music, cowboy hats, lots of denim, waistcoats, line dancing, etc. There will be a small end of term show as usual at our place or at Spaces or in the plaza - or at the beach - we will see.

The main plays we will work on for late or end 2012 will (most probably) be:
Beauty and the Beast
    Sleeping Beauty
Harry Potter - 2

We will work on these plays through the three terms, and do the show in Nov/Dec. If children have to leave inbetween I will adjust.

A to Zee timings: 3.30pm till 6pm on Fridays. Two and a half hours would be better than two - gives me more time to do all the things we would like to do with the kids...of course if you need to fetch them earlier you can, but ideally I would like to have them for this amount of time if at all possible.

Also, in addition to the regular Friday class, we will throw in a special singing session every three weeks (or so) on a Saturday either late morning or early afternoonThese special singing dates will be announced at the start of the term.
Fees for each 3-month term are Rs.3500 for each term in the year 2012. These can be paid either later this term or in the first week of next term. 

The offering remains the same, each class will have at least three of the following elements:Theatre, Singing, Dancing, Poetry, Art/Craft, Gardening, Photography, Baking...and forgot to mention Carpentry will be incorporated at some stage in 2012 - with workmen's gloves and goggles, and only for those who want to do it.

Do let me know if these new timings work for you, and if your child is coming back for more A to Zee Creativity next term! :) As always gave priority to current A to Zee kids  till a cut off date

After this date I will open up to new children and existing children. The following have expressed interest / confirmed so far:

Aalia - confirmed (paid on 24 Nov 2011)

Adam - confirmed 

Ameya - confirmed (paid on Dec 6, 2011)

Arav - confirmed (paid on Dec 10, 2011 - 500 due)

Chahna - confirmed (paid on Dec 16, 2011)

Dhruv - confirmed (paid on Dec 11, 2011)

Kyra Philip - confirmed (paid on Dec 10, 2011 - 500 due)

Kyra Patel - confirmed (paid on Dec 9, 2011)

Mahima - confirmed (paid on Dec 12, 2011 via chq)

Muskan - Surbhi out of town - am holding a spot for her.

Nayantara Subramaniam (6) - confirmed (paid on Dec 12, 2011)

Rahelle (8) - confirmed (paid on Dec 15, 2011 via chq)

Rishaa (7) - confirmed (paid on Dec 12, 2011)

Riyah - confirmed (paid on Dec 10, 2011)

Rohan (11) - confirmed (paid on Dec 15, 2011 via chq)

Sadhvi - confirmed (paid on Dec 8, 2011)

Saniya - confirmed (paid on Dec 10, 2011)


Tarush - confirmed (paid on Dec 6, 2011)


Zai - confirmed

New children interested to join next term:

Rishabh (6.5)

Shruti (11)

Yana (5)

Rose Anne's son (Age?)

Adia (6)

Another child - MRC Nagar...cannot recall name!

An 8-year-old boy from Sishya - Afshan pls help! I did not catch his name.

I cannot really manage more than approximately 20 kids, so do let me know asap. If you know any 10/11 year olds would love some older boys especially - for the various roles!

Take care,


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