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Final week: Rehearsal schedule + Costumes!


3 Short plays and Christmas Carols

Show dates: 
11 Dec (Sunday) 10.30am Freemasons Hall (cast please be there by 9.30am)
16 Dec (Friday) 1.30pm Abacus school Perungudi (pls volunteer cars for carpooling to get there)

We will perform the 3 plays plus the Christmas Carol medley 

Order of plays:
Room on the Broom
Harry Potter
Christmas Carols

Rehearsal schedule in the run up to the shows:

5 Dec (Mon):
3.30pm-5pm Cinderella rehearsal

6 Dec (Tue):
2.30-3.30pm Room on the Broom rehearsal
3.30pm-5pm Harry Potter rehearsal

7 Dec (Wed):

3.30pm-5.30pm Cinderella rehearsal + Room on the Broom rehearsal

8 Dec (Thu):
3.30pm-5pm Harry Potter rehearsal
9 Dec (Fri):
Dress Rehearsal All 3 plays + carols + dances – whole cast needed.

Please send the children in costume – no need for make-up on dress rehearsal day

10 Dec (Sat): Might do a morning rehearsal. Not sure.

11 Dec (Sun): Showtime! Freemason's Hall. All children to be there by 9.30am! Show is from 10.30am till noon.
Bring costumes, water bottle and a snack. 


Dear All,

I have listed each child’s role(s) and costumes below. The highlighted items will be made by my Mum or sourced from our costume box at no extra charge to you. After the show these items are to be returned to our costume box for other shows please. Many thanks.
The items that are NOT highlighted are to be sourced from home – they are all fairly standard things that most should have.

Please dress the children in costume and send them to me on Friday this week (9 Dec) at 3.30pm for a full dress rehearsal. Make-up not needed on the 9th, but on the 11th please put some on at home. I know sharing lipstick amongst children is not the most hygienic thing, so suggest you do it at home before you send them. I may put on some powder rouge here if that is ok.

Take care,




Narrator Sitara - white pretty shirt, collared, black skirt, white socks and black shoes.

Narrator Adam: White shirt, black trousers, socks and shoes

Cinderella (toddler) – Zai – pretty dress, then puts on an old apron when stepmother arrives

Father – Samar – dark trousers, checked shirt, tie

Cinderella – Chahna – pink dress / blue dress – old torn housecoat over it – to hide dress
Stepmother – Esha –a ball gown (pretty party dress) with a pretty housecoat over it

Pretty (but nasty) stepsister AnastasiaRiyah - a ball gown (pretty party dress) with a pretty housecoat over it + hat

Pretty (but nasty) stepsister DrizellaMuskan - a ball gown (pretty party dress) with a pretty housecoat over it + hat

Fairy Godmother – Kyra Philip – Pretty sparkly dress (but the one from home is too short) - wings – tiara – need a long underskirt – frilly light pink. Length same as Muskan’s.

Rat/Coach driver– Arav  - Brown clothes with rat mask + tail

Mice/Horses – Tulasi, Veer - White clothes (kurta pyjamas?) with mouse masks + tails

Cat – Saniya – Black and white clothes – trousers and full sleeved top, tail, cat mask

Prince – Dhruv – long dark trousers, nice formal shirt, shiny blue cape, crown

Aalia – Queen – party dress, shiny, long + crown

Udhav – King – long trousers, formal long-sleeved shirt, shiny purple double cape, crown


Narrator: Kyra Patel – white pretty top, black skirt, white socks and black shoes

Witch (Mahima) – long skirt, top, black cape, black hat, wand, cauldron, bow, broom

Cat (Vaishnavi) – stripy orange and black trousers and top – else plain black – cat mask + tail

Dog (Samar) – brown clothes

Birds (Ameya and Zai) – parrot green little ballerina dresses – wings – beaks (?)

Frog (Viraj) – frog mask, dark green clothes - baggy

Dragon (Sitara and Sadhvi) – red cloth with elastic on sides over them…dragon tail, dragon mask


Harry – Adam – smart black trousers, white shirt, house tie, black robe, shoes and socks

Hermione – Tara – White collared shirt, red/yellow striped house tie, black robe, black skirt, closed shoes and socks.

Ron – Tarush – smart black trousers, white shirt, house tie, black robe

Prefects – Kyra Patel, Sadhvi, Shruti – to wear white collared shirts, black skirts, white socks and black shoes black robes, house ties, witch hats

Professor Snape – Vinod – big black robe, own black clothes

Troll – Yusuf dull grey or slimy green baggy costume with a hood 

Dumbledore – Yusuf long purple robe – brocade on sleeves and down middle + cape

Professor McGonagall (Transfiguration teacher) – Tehzeeb long back dress or skirt and top, black cape. 

 Sybill Trelawney (Divination teacher) – Sharon – thick glasses, gypsy attire – long skirt, scarf on head,

All the rest of the children will also be other school children in Hogwarts:
House ties: 7 of each – red/yellow striped,   plain yellow,    plain green,   plain blue and witches robes for each child – black long robes with high collars down to the ground to be worn over previous costumes.

The cast:
1.    Aalia
2.    Adam
3.    Ameya
4.    Arav
5.    Chahna
6.    Dhruv
7.    Esha
8.    Kyra Patel
9.    Kyra Philip
10. Mahima
11. Muskan
12. Riyah
13. Sadhvi
14. Samar
15. Saniya
16. Shruti
17. Sitara
18. Tara
19. Tarush
20. Tulasi
21. Udhav
22. Vaishnavi
23. Veer
24. Viraj
25. Zai

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