Thursday, 29 March 2012

The plan for Friday 30th March + Recap of Friday 23rd March 2012


Looking forward to seeing the children tomorrow Friday 30th March.

Little cooks this week: Riyah, Saniya, Muskan - pls arrive by 2.30pm!
Recipe selected by Riyah: Feather sponge

Muskan's Christmas cake choice we will do nearer the end of the year.

The plan:

3.30pm - Stretches, voice exercises (with Shaan)

3.40pm - Poetry rehearsal with Tehzeeb Katari

4.10pm - Snack + milk

4.20pm - Singing with Shaan Libby: New song 'Yellow Rose of Texas' - suggested by Nilu (thanks Nilu!)
Revision of remaining 4 Country songs learnt so far

4.50pm - Woodwork with Ravi Katari

5.30pm - Dancing with Manikandan & Prarthana 

(line dancing and rehearsal for fashion show)

6pm - Home time

Here is a recap of what the children did on Friday 23rd March 2012:

3.30-3.45pm: Circle time / Surya Namaskars / Sharing of anything exciting that happened this week.

3.45pm-4.30pm: Poetry with Tehzeeb (Rehearsal for end-of-term show)

4.30pm-4.40pm:Snack (made by this week's little cooks (Dhruv, Aalia, Mahima, Dhrishan, and of course Adam & Zai)! 
Rich Chocolate truffles - Dhruv's choice a big hit - the cooks consumed about as many as they made! :) Don't worry - no rum was added!

We will get to Aalia's cheesecake soon.

4.40pm-5.20pm: Carpentry with Ravi Katari. This time with pinewood - softer. They learnt to saw for the first time.

5.20pm-6pm: Dancing with Manikandan & Prarthana - Line Dancing Country & Western style! :)

Fashion show coming up! on April 1st at 4.00pm Rutland Gate 5th Street - opposite Apollo Wellness. 

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