Wednesday, 4 April 2012

The plan for Good Friday (6th April) + Recap of 30th March 2012


We look forward to seeing the children tomorrow (Good Friday) 6th April.

Little cooks this week: Tarush, Ameya, Sadhvi, Rishaa - pls arrive by 2.00pm!
Recipe selected by Tarush: Rich Chocolate log

The plan:

3.30pm - Brief story of Good Friday, Stretches (with Shaan)

3.40pm - Poetry rehearsal with Tehzeeb Katari

4.30pm - Snack + milk

4.40pm - Singing with Shaan and Sharanaya: New song 'Yellow Rose of Texas' - suggested by Nilu (thanks Nilu!)
Revision of remaining 4 Country songs learnt so far

5.30pm - Dancing with Manikandan & Prarthana 

(line dancing rehearsal for April 14th show 4.30pm our building plaza area)

6pm - Home time

Here is a recap of what the children did on Friday 30th March 2012:

3.30-3.45pm: Circle time / Surya Namaskars

3.45pm-4.30pm: Poetry with Tehzeeb (Rehearsal for end-of-term show)

4.30pm-4.40pm:Snack (made by this week's little cooks (Riyah, Saniya, Muskan, and of course Adam & Zai)!  Feather sponge muffins and a birthday cake for Saniya (early March birthday) - went down well - the rest of the A to Zee kids gave good feedback.

4.40pm-5.20pm: Carpentry with Ravi Katari. More time with pinewood - they did alot of filing, practised some of the other skills they have learnt so far - screwing, hammering, and filing.

5.20pm-6pm: Dancing with Manikandan & Prarthana - Line Dancing Country & Western style! Rehearsal for fashion show - Waka Waka dance, freezing for catwalk portions. Kids did really well. :) Tehzeeb Katari and Olive gave each child outfilts to take home and wear for the fashion show on Sunday. All outfits need to be returned (washed if possible).

Fashion show went off well - our kids were confident and enjoyed themselves up there on April 1st at 4.00pm Rutland Gate 5th Street. Whims n Fancies is the store. Chuckle Bumble is our brand.

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