Sunday, 22 April 2012

Summer term (June-August 2012)

Hi All,

As promised here is the confirmed list to date for Fridays 3.30-6pm (8 years and above):

Aalia, Adam, Chahna, Dhrishan, Dhruv, Isra, Kyra Patel, Kyra Philip, Mahima, Muskan, Rahelle, Rishaa, Riyah, Rohan, Sadhvi, Samar, Tara. 

(Will circulate the list for A to Zeebees separately. That class is Wednesdays for 4-7 year olds and is 4.30-6.30pm.)


Theatre: Rehearsals start for Sleeping Beauty and Harry Potter 2 - both for Christmas show (possibly more than one if we are invited by any schools to perform - like the Abacus show last year...feel free to mention at your schools). Would be good for the children to be able to perform the entire show more than just the once. 

Poems: Tehzeeb will select appropriate poets/poems for this 8+ age group. 

Singing: We will do songs from Sound of Music, Mary Poppins, and My Fair Lady. 

Dance: We will do some tap dancing with Manikandan and Prarthana to go with some of the musical numbers, and possibly some ballet/waltzing for Sleeping Beauty.

Woodwork: The children will build on the skills they have grown somewhat comfortable with this term. Ravi Uncle has lots of exciting plans afoot...:)

Art: We have a new art instructor - Philip and possibly others - who will take Art using their newly made easels! :) We have Chuckle Bumble aprons which the children can use...:)

And that's it folks!

Term ends with Sishya term...end August 2012. 

Winter term of A to Zee begins mid-September 2012.

Take care,


Shaan Katari Libby
A to Zee Creativity

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