Sunday, 22 April 2012

A to Zee Creativity Summer Camp April 2012 - A few requests

A to Zee Creativity Summer Camp April 2012 - A few requests

Dear all,

Just to say we are looking forward to seeing the children tomorrow Monday 23rd April 2012.

If they have workmen's goggles for woodwork do label and send along. If not, don't worry.

If you have an empty clean glass jar (longish. like an olive jar, we could do with a couple...for an experiment we are doing...)

Please note: The children are to enter the wicket gate of Apt One and wait on the verandah there. An adult should wait with them until 10 am when one of us will escort the children upstairs. 

Outside maids/drivers are not permitted inside the house. Parents are of course absolutely fine - and you can bring them up to level 2 if it is after 10am and the others have already gone up.

If children sent with maids/drivers arrive later than 10am: They should go upstairs slowly to the second floor (follow the noise). They are not to use the lift on their own. One of my parents' maids will probably be around to help show them where to go.

Similarly, at 4pm maids/drivers should assemble near that verandah of Apt one, and the children will be handed over to them one by one. There is no use if the driver waits on the road - I will not send the child to the road. He has to come to the verandah by 4pm.

Parents - once again - if you are coming to fetch just come on up - even if you are early it's fine - so long as you don't mind waiting a bit.

If you see any maid or driver trying to enter please say that my parents don't want it - they should not worry I will escort all remaining children downstairs soon after 4pm.

Take care,


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