Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Menu + little cooks for A to Zee Summer Camp (23-27 April 2012)
Chopped tomatoes and a green salad will be served with all:
If you feel your child will not eat this, we can also provide sambar and rice as a back-up option. Any vegetarians? Any allergies?
Pls let me know!
Little Cooks
Mon Sausage rolls (Hamlyn Food for Kids, pg.21) Rohan, Adesh
  Apricot Orange Cookies (Tarla Dalal, pg.11)
Tue Vegetable Pasta (Tarla Dalal, pg.16) Zai, Aalia, Reha
Wed Cheesy Corn and Spinach pizza (Tarla Dalal, pg.50) Anahita, Tara, Amrita
  Fruit kebabs (Hamlyn Food for Kids, pg.157)
Thu Nutritious Noodles (Tarla Dalal, pg.30) + Fish cakes (Hamlyn Food for Kids, pg.112)
  Cheesy corn muffins (Hamlyn Food for Kids, pg.54) Rahul, Samar
Fri Chicken burgers (Hamlyn Food for Kids, pg.73) Krishna, Adam
  Apricot and Walnut pancakes with orange sauce
Tarla Dalal, pg.34

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