Friday, 6 April 2012

End of term show! Friday 13th April 2012 + the plan for next term...

End of term Country & Western show! 

is on Friday 13th April at 4.30pm - our building plaza area. 

Parents and grandparents of A to Zee kids are very welcome. 

Please send the little cowboys and cowgirls by 3.30pm. Dress them in denim 

(jeans or skirts), checked shirts,boots, hats, neckties, holsters...all 

v.appropriate! :) Only toy guns...some children were talking about real guns 

and this worried us!

This day is the last day of this term. 

The next term starts on Friday 8th June 2012 and ends on 

Friday 31 August 

2012. Theme: Songs from the Musicals - 

Sound of Music, My Fair Lady, Mary Poppins

What we will be doing next term:


Tap dancing to suit some of these songs

Theatre: Rehearsals towards Sleeping Beauty and Harry Potter 2 to be staged 

at the end of the year.



Cooking (in batches)

Gardening, Painting, Tree-planting, talks from environmentalists / animal-

lovers and other eco-friendly activities will continue in a piecemeal fashion.

Please let me know by the 12th which children are coming back for next term - 

will open up slots after Friday 13th April. 

Take care, 


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