Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Announcing the A to Zee Nature Camp!

Announcing the A to Zee Nature Camp! 

9am to 1pm. 

Mon 28 May to Fri 1 June 2012. 

Gardening of edible plants - to take home and continue growing in pots; 

Discussion of and drawing of different Vertebrate Animals: 

Mon -Bony Fish,

Tue -Amphibians, 

Wed -Reptiles, 

Thu -Birds, 

Fri -Mammals, 

Nature poems & stories, and 

the making of a vase/pencil holder with replenishable wood. 

Showing a Shekar Dattatri film about animals - made specifically for children. 

Trying to get a speaker from the croc bank for reptile day. 

This camp is best suited to children 7 and above. 

Rs.3000 per child. 

Email me on or text me/message on fb.

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