Thursday, 2 August 2012

The A to Zee Nature Camp! September 3rd-7th 2012

Announcing the A to Zee Nature Camp!
3rd-7th September 2012
(Ages 7 and above only. Limited places.)

Instructors for this camp: 

Zoology talks:Shaan Libby, 
Poetry:Tehzeeb Katari, 
Woodwork:Ravi Katari, 
Art: Mr.Philip.

Assistant Instructors:

Invited speakers: 
Ashish Gupta, 
Other Naturalists (to be confirmed)

10am to 4pm. Please send a water bottle. Snack and lunch provided.
Fee: Rs.5000

Monday: Insects
Bug hunt (bring magnifying glasses if you have them)
How to draw insects
Woodwork on replenishable wood
Snack: Banana muffins / biscuits
Lunch: Hot dogs (chicken sausages) and salad (veggie option with veg cutlets)

Tuesday: Sealife
‘The Walrus and the Carpenter’ and other sea-related poems
A viewing of different types of shells (Ashish Gupta)
Discussion of and how to draw different sea creatures
Sealife quiz game 
Snack: Jam tarts
Lunch: Macaroni & Cheese bake and salad

Wednesday: Reptiles
Pictures and discussion of reptiles
Drawing of reptiles
Inviting a speaker from the Croc Bank
Woodwork on replenishable wood
Possible trip to the Snake park (Guindy) in the afternoon. Adult to child ratio: 1:4
Snack: Brownies
Lunch: Burgers and chips (veggie option possible)

Thursday: Dinosaurs and Birds
How to draw them + make them with recycled materials
Discussion of the main types of dinosaurs – how they went extinct
Birdwatching basics on IIT campus. Adult to child ratio: 1:4. Binoculars to be brought please.
Snack:  Cheese sandwiches
Lunch: Fish fingers and salad

Friday: Mammals
Discussion of Mammals
Drawing different mammals
Examination of some live specimens of mammal: the feline! J
Woodwork on replenishable wood
Possible trip to Adyar Poonga (an eco-park). Adult to child ratio: 1:4. 
Snack: Brownies
Lunch: Pizza and salad

Each child will go home with a scrapbook filled in each day with paintings, drawings, and discussion points...
they will also go home with whatever they made during woodwork. 

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