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A to Zee Creativity: The schedule this weekend...


For those interested to try out A to Zee Creativity we still have some slots available in Pure Drama and the Teens. Read on for a brief synopsis of what we are about, and the schedule this weekend...

Our Goal:Our goal is to bring out the creativity in students young and old - via learning and creating art, unique woodwork pieces, poems, plays, songs, dances, etc. Creativity is what leads to innovation, and we want our students to have the tools and the scope to create.

Shows:There is nothing like performing before an audience to build one's confidence! We do an end of year public show and some smaller ad hoc shows/end of term shows. The students themselves write most of the scripts. 

All proceeds of shows go to different charities - the students and the audience hear how much is raised and the cheque is handed over to the said charity at the show itself. Over the years we have raised for ten charities.

We also do Carol singing and short performances at orphanages (with our very own Santa Claus handing out gifts contributed by the A to Zee students!). The idea is to try to get our children accustomed to contributing to those less well off. The students do it happily and feel quite proud after each show.

Trinity College London exams:We do put our students forward for the Trinity College London exams - we have 16 individual entries this October for Speech and Drama and Communication Skills. These exams taken at the higher grades (Grades 6, 7, 8) help with entry to Universities abroad and in the India. 

Sessions:Please note: Exams at Grade 6, 7, and 8 levels earn students UCAS points which are credits that are internationally recognized and given weight during admissions. To do Grade 6, students are approximately 14 years +.

Originals  (8-12 year-olds) Fridays 4-6.30;  Class size 20 max; Term fees: 5000/-
Zeebees (4-7 year-olds) Saturdays 3-5pm; Class size 18 max; Term fees 4000/-
Teens (13-17 yrs) Sundays 10am-12.30pm; Class size 15 max; Term fees 5000/-
Communication Skills: Monday class 6-7.30pm; Class size 6 max; Term fees 9000/-
Communication Skills class Friday 2.30-4pm; Class size 6 max; Term fees 9000/- 

Wednesday 16th October 2013:
We had a special session with the Teen batch - Sishya Class 12 debate team and our regular teens debated against one another, we did As You Like It practice, and Just A Minute.

This session was to make up for the weekend of 25-28 October when A to Zee Creativity classes will not take place. The rest of the batches will have extra classes in the weeks ahead as we approach the end of year show.

The Schedule this weekend:

Friday  18th October3.30-5pm: Communication class Please make sure they attend as the Trinity exams are fixed for October 31st! Those doing 'show and tell' must bring their objects. The stories and poems must accompany the students please. Older students will be asking them questions.

4-6.30pm: Original batch
Poetry with Tehzeeb Katari

Art/Craft with Philip Sathyaraj
Theatre (full steam ahead with the HP plays) - with me, and
Discussion with Niloufer Dugar about the newsletter - Update from the Editorial Board.

later with Jim/me:
I am hoping that this Friday non-vegetarian children will stay on till 7.30pm to do Spaghetti bolognese with chicken mince. Two weeks later we will do the veg version using Soya.

Any parents fetching - you will be the judges - blind tasting!

Saturday 19th October:
3-5pm: Zeebees!

Singing Happy Birthday to Jim Uncle! - and all the other songs too...
Dance with Prarthana & Manikandan - Noddy dance, Boney M carol, action songs
Play rehearsals - 3 Noddy plays

Parents: Please do go over the poems, plays, and songs with them before the class if possible...the attachments were all emailed to you once again this week as attachments.

Sunday 20th October:

10am-12.30pm: Teens - Drama & Debate
The Sishya debate team will be visiting us again this weekend to debate against our Teen team so time to gear up and brush up on your current affairs - no access to the internet or phones once here! The topic will be given and you will have 10 minutes to prepare!

Debate - British Parliamentary style and Just A Minute. 

followed by:
Shakespeare - As You Like It rehearsal

Monday 21st October:
4.30-6pm: Pure Drama (for ages 8 to 80!) 
Our Drama syllabus and preparing students for the Trinity exams. 
We are currently rehearsing skit 1 of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban in this class.
Instructors: Tehzeeb Katari and Shaan Libby

6-7.30pm: Communication class - Mock exam with Uncle Jim! Please do make sure they attend as the Trinity exams are fixed for October 31st!  The order of appearance for the exams has been emailed to all parents. 


Corporate training Fridays - available on request (team building, presentation skills, how to conduct oneself in a meeting, how to conduct oneself abroad, email etiquette, table manners, writing skills, etc.....)

Drama in schools...we are in the process of training some talented young trainers and hope to have more this space!

Best regards,


Ms.Maithili Shaan Katari Libby
+91 97909 08604 (SMS works best)

Shaan Libby & Associates 
Barrister, BA(Oxf), MA(Oxf), Biology and Law, Arbitrator - we undertake Domestic and International company matters, drafting of wills, representations at arbitrations, filing of patents & trademarks.
Skype name: Shaanlibby

A to Zee Creativity,
Theatre, the Arts, Woodwork, Parliamentary-style debate. Trinity College London exams (optional)
Batches:  Original  (8-12s) Fri 4-6.30pm;  Zeebees (4-7 s) Sat 3-5pm; Teens (13-17 yrs) Sun 10am-12.30pm. 
Communication Skills: Mon 6-7.30pm or Fri 2.30-4pm Pure Drama: Mon 4.30-6pm (ages 8 and above)

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