Wednesday, 30 October 2013

The schedule this week...Please note pure drama and teens to join Friday rehearsals

Dear all,

Exam schedule for Thursday 31 October 2013:
Communication Skills (CS) and Speech & Drama (SD) exam candidates, please note the feedback from the mock exams - it has been sent to you by email. 

The address for the exam is: 
Musee Musical Ltd., 67 Mount Road, Chennai 600 002

As far as I know I am taking the following directly from school - they can get changed at Musee Musical: Adam, Ayush, Shibya 
(Parents please send a change of clothes - long trousers, collared half-sleeved shirts, shoes socks, and plenty of lunch/snacks, water)

Kaushik, Akshara, Mahima, Riyah, Ira will all be coming there separately. 
Please do arrive 30 minutes before the exam - children in smart attire please.

3.01pm: Kaushik (CS)
3.09pm: Adam (SD)
3:17pm: Akshara (CS)
3.25pm: Ayush (SD)
3.33pm: Adam (CS)
3.41pm: Ayush (CS)
3.49pm: Kaushik (SD)
3.57pm: Mahima (CS)
4.05pm: Shibya (SD)
4.28pm: Shibya (CS)
4.36pm: Mahima (SD)
4.44pm: Riyah (CS)
4.52pm: Ira (CS)

Here is the schedule for this weekend:

Friday 1 Nov 2013: 

Communication Class 2.30-4pm 
Original batch plus Pure Drama batch: 4-6.30pm 

(plus 5 teens from 5pm onwards - Rohan, Rohan Suresh, Vikram, Parth, Siddhanth) Manikandan and Prarthana too for dance.

6.30-7.30pm Veg Spaghetti Bolognese (Soya) - for 6 vegetarian students

6.30-8.30pm: Teen batch rehearsal of As You Like It (instead of Diwali Sunday)

Saturday 2 Nov 2013: 
(Diwali day but assuming pujas will be in the morning and fireworks after sundown)

3-5pm: Zeebees

Sunday 3 Nov 2013:
(Diwali - so have been told this day won't suit many - please see Friday evening class above...)

Monday 4 Nov 2013:

4.30-6pm: Pure Drama
6-7.30pm: Communication

Best regards,


Ms.Maithili Shaan Katari Libby
+91 97909 08604 (SMS works best)

Shaan Libby & Associates 
Barrister, BA(Oxf), MA(Oxf), Biology and Law, Arbitrator 
Skype name: Shaanlibby

Theatre, the Arts, Woodwork, Parliamentary-style debate. Trinity College London exams (optional)

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